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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ok, I haven't posted all week.  So sorry.  I have been *actually* busy.  This practically never happens and after this week shouldn't happen again until late November.  Don't worried, avid readers (reader? I doubt there is much more than one...), I will let you know if I plan to take a hiatus again!  Although in all honesty this week's was not 'planned', it just sorta happened.  I will post a picture for your entertainment, and I plan on being back bright and early (ok, lie) Monday morning (another lie... more like Monday mid-afternoon). 

Ok... a major 'fashion' DONT for cars...  TAAAAAACCKKKKYYYYY.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sweet Potato!

 My puppy Tater Tot does not feel well today, so I am dedicating this post to him!  Poor Baby!!!

Tiny Tater (right) when he was only a pup!

 Just a little bigger than Chubb now...

Tater is so hood...

Pop that collar!

Oh no, he's huge!

So fancy at his photo shoot! ;)

Sticking his tongue out, haha!

Say what???

Sweet face!

He loves car rides!

Silly dog!

Baby's First Snow Day

Napping with Daddy!

Hey you're not suppose to be in here!

My beautiful baby!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I visited my friend's house today, and he has a young, adorable baby girl who is nearly six months old.  I still have Halloween on my mind, and that combined with visiting the baby has inspired this post.  Absolutely adorable baby Halloween costumes... and for those of us who don't have children, puppy costumes!  If you don't have a dog, your life isn't complete and you don't need to be online reading blogs.  Go out and get a dog now!

(the Rubic's cube is a nod to my hubby)