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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


so this is now my personal blog, and the other one is for when i feel like spreading my frivolousness into cyberspace.

question- no wait, back-story first. my mom's chemo didn't work, so they took her off and aren't pursuing any other treatments. so basically, we're just waiting for the cancer to take over her liver. no real time frame. until her liver fails, she is relatively healthy and can go and do normal, everyday things, although she gets tired after awhile.

now, question- any suggestions on what, if anything, i should try to do with my mom? i want her to have fun while she can, and i want us to not just sit around watching hgtv all day, every day (ok, that may be a lie... i do love me some hgtv). there isn't much she "needs" to do or prepare/get ready for later. but i feel like there should be this list that we should have of things we want to do/etc. but there isn't. that list doesn't exist. that's not really my family's style. we're not "pie in the sky" types. when we decide we want to do something, for the most part, we just do it. (so long as feasible/etc., of course...)

so. thoughts? suggestions?   >sigh<