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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas List

EDIT: Check with Joey before getting me things off of this list... I've been told some items are purchased, but I don't know which ones... 

Angela told me I needed to post my Christmas list.  This will, of course, undergo modifications as more and more neat stuff comes out during the shopping Christmas season.  Also, see additional wishlists at Amazon.com.

New Items Added 11/15/11

- I WANT A NEW FREAKING TOASTER!!!  Stainless steel/brushed nickel color.  Smallish.  Boxy.  Nothing too fancy.  SIMPLE.  Like this:
Delonghi Brushed Stainless Steel 2-Slice Toaster

- Christmas CDs:  "A Very She & Him Christmas";  "Christmas, Michael Buble"

- Frittata pan - NON-STICK ONLY!!!

- House DVDs - season 3 or 7

-  A smallish (no biggger than 12"x12") silver (in color, not necessarily actual silver LOL) serving tray

- Subscriptions to any of the following magazines:  Veranda, D Home, Redbook

- Wonder Woman DVD (the cartoon, yes I'm that lame)

- Glass Beverage Dispenser(s)
   Ex: (these are all from Bed, Bath & Beyond)

  Godinger Dublin Beverage Dispenser Bianca 192-Ounce Beverage Dispenser - White Williamsburg Glass Dispenser Set with Stand

- Orville Redenbacher's™ Gourmet® Hot Air Popper by Presto®
  (get it at  Bed Bath & Beyond and use a coupon!)
Orville Redenbacher's™ 
Gourmet® Hot Air Popper by Presto®

 - Any of my china that I'm still missing (see list here )



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